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This is the place to submit your genealogical data. Some information seems repetitious, but genealogy can get confusing.  Note, for instance, that your Parent may need to be reported as the Child if family is being reported for the first time. More information is always better. Blank fields are acceptable.

Be sure to give us your contact information. Should we need to go back one more generation to place you in the tree, we will need to contact you. If questions, we will contact you.

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Name of person(s) being reporting for the KMM Genealogy record
One name or two names if marriage
PERSON's Given Birth Name
(Nick Name if commonly used)
FATHER Birth Name
FATHER Date & Place of Birth
FATHER Date & Place of Death
MOTHER Birth Name
MOTHER Date & Place of Birth
MOTHER Date & Place of Death
PARENTS Wedding Date
PARENTS Divorce Date
CHILD given name and gender
CHILD date and place of birth
CHILD Wedding Date
CHILD new spouse name
New spouse date of birth
CHILD date and place of death

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