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In 1854, step-cousins F. William Minske, age 25, and Gottlieb F. Kanne, age 23, traveled from Prussia to search for a new home for the Kanne, Marzahn and Minske (KMM) families.

The following year, the extended family¾ related by marriages to the Kanne children, left their Prussian homes. They traveled to the port of Hamburg, where they boarded a 3-masted sailing ship, "The Elida." Their ship was similar to the "Tall Ships," which sail in New York Harbor every 4th of July.  Sixteen adults and nine children survived this difficult 2-month ocean voyage.

Step-cousins, F. William and Gottlieb, met the families at Castle Gardens in New York Harbor. (Ellis Island did not exist at this time.) Traveling by train, they spent the winter in Wisconsin; then traveled by oxen and wagon to the MN Territory in 1856. Minnesota became a state in 1858.

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